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Multi Solar LLC is global provider of comprehensive PV solar energy solutions We design, manufacture, and sell PV solar modules with an advanced technology, we also develop, design, construct, and install solar power systems for home and business.

At Multi Solar LLC we have ongoing research and development efforts focused on module and system-level innovations. Our mission is to create enduring value by enabling a world powered by clean, affordable alternative clean energy. In addressing overall global demand for PV solar electricity, our high-efficiency modules and fully integrated systems can provide competitively priced utility-scale PV solar energy solutions to system owners and low-cost electricity to end-users.

We help our customers recognize benefits of renewable energy and its financial returns.

Our systems business has enabled us to drive cost reduction across the value chain and deliver compelling solutions to our customers. We are committed to continually lowering the cost of solar electricity and plan to compete on an economic basis with conventional fossil-fuel-based power generation.

Our long term strategic plan is roadmap to achieve high technology, cost leadership, and growth objectives. Positive impact on the environment.

Our raw materials are TUV UL and CE certified Our Solar panels are A grade and carry 25 Years Linear warranty and 10 Years product warranty in accordance with international norms. Our Inverters carry 10 years warranty.

Upon request we shall be glad to offer Solar Power System for Residential, Commercial and Agricultural Solar Power system from 2 KW to 5000 KW or higher.

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We carry ongoing research and development focused on modular and system-level innovations.

Our mission is to help creating ecologically clean environment with afordable clean energy.

About Us


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