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Ecologically clean

Ecologically clean

Our goal is to use solar energy to protect and safegaurd the environment.

Low cost electricity

Low cost electricity

Our high efficiency modules and fully integrated systems can provide low-cost electricity.

Available everywhere

Available everywhere

The Solar System can be installed everywhere.


About "Multi Solar"

We are a global provider of photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions. We produce and sell PV solar modules with the advanced and innovative technology, as well as design and install PV solar power systems.

Our long-term strategic plan is aimed at creating a roadmap to achieve a technological perfection and cost-management through constant research and development.

Our mission is to create a long-term strategy aimed at developing and upgrading modern and innovative technologies that generate solar energy, which will result in a great deal of reduction in electricity costs both for individuals, organizations and for industrial enterprises.

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We carry ongoing research and development focused on modular and system-level innovations.

Our mission is to help creating ecologically clean environment with afordable clean energy.

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